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By hairdressers for hairdressers



Working with 4 expert chemists from Brazil, These four experts took the very best of raw materials available and spent 12 months creating the perfect blend and balance of amino acids smoothing system.


Idea & Concept

Revitalise Keratin Smoothing System is a salon range developed for all textured hair types, By that we mean, we have a range that can be used across all curl patterns, from the tightest coil to the loosest curl; allowing us respect and not compromise on indigenous hair textures.


Design & Production​

The most important thing within the production, was the use of great products. This was achieved by the use of purest raw ingredients which are harmless in all respects, in addition, the use of precision production tools was essential.


Sales & Support​

Brought to the market by hairdressers for hairdressers, the future is clearly focused on more natural, sustainable, renewable solutions. 5 years ago, we registered a patent on a natural smoothing treatment and last year, we created the first 100% natural rich in amino acids smoothing treatment.

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