Afro for Textured Hair

instantly & safely smooths up to 100% frizz and volume while reducing curl retention by 80%.

patented formula for afro hair

continue to achieve the absorption of proteins that assist to improve the health and strength of the hair along with additional protective ingredients targeted for for very frizzy and curly hair, imparting continued shine.

Restructuring smoothing Cream

Revitalise Keratin Afro for Textured Hair Restructuring Cream brings exquisite, Smoothing and straighting treatment that is 100% formaldehyde and harsh Chemicals  free!

The main function of this treatment is to promote hair fibre recovery in order to produce naturally straighter hair.

Afro for Textured Hair Restructuring Cream treatment filling fractures in the hair shaft with essential of a unique and concentrated amino acid – based formula.

specifically targeted for those who possess curly hair, and this treatment can also be used for hair reconstruction and restructuring developing curl memory.

this treatment is highly durable due to long lasting effects from 8-12 weeks.

clarifying shampoo

This unique shampoo will prepare the hair before using Afro for Textured Hair Restructuring Cream .

Thoroughly clean the hair fiber remove any build-up of products on the hair and scalp, this will include any debris found on the scalp.  

The shampoo is an integral part of High Afro for Textured Hair Restructuring Cream.

revitalise Afro For Textured Hair Shampoo – 1L

Afro for Textured Hair products

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